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Because we are committed to the health and safety of our Pets who are visiting My Petropolis, animals with fleas will not be permitted to enter the facility.  We are sorry for any inconvenience, but as a pet owner you understand we recommend you consult with your veterinarian regarding treatment.  Once treated and eliminated we can provide your pet with the service(s) you desire.

Does your dog get bored, restless and show signs of destructive behavior while you are away at work? Does your furry family member need some canine companions? If so, My Petropolis is the answer. Our Doggie Daycare is dedicated to providing professional dog services; in a safe, clean and interactive environment. In our 36oo sq. Ft. facility dogs can romp around all day long and get pooped, then have a cat nap in their very own doggie lounge. With an additional 550 sq. Ft. fenced in area made up of crushed beach pebble and artificial turf, dogs are able to relax and soak up some rays throughout the day. My Petropolis cares about the long term health of your pet, thus we have installed 2 inch thick rubber shock absorbent flooring to aid in the care and protection of your dogs joints.

Doggie Daycare is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 7pm. We require vaccines to be up to date, the animal to be spayed or neutered, on flea prevention, and to pass an assessment prior to starting daycare with us; In order to rule out any sort of aggression or behavioral problem.

We require DA2PP (Distemper, Pavouirus, Parainfluenza), bordetella and the rabies vaccine to be given.

My Petropolis Cat Boarding
Don’t let your furry feline friend feel left out!  Are you moving or renovating?  Or is your kitty simply feeling in need of some extra love and attention?  Problem solved we offer kitty daycare in one of our lush private kitty daycare/boarding rooms.

We require FVRCP (Feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, Panleukopenia), and rabies vaccines to be up to date.

Going away on vacation?  Do you want your pet to have just as relaxing and enjoyable a time as yourself?  Bring your pet to My Petropolis, the home away from home, where your furry companion will be treated as one of our own!  All of our boarding dogs play in our open concept daycare facility all day,  and then come home with us at night.  Thus, they must pass a daycare assessment prior to their stay with us, be spayed or neutered and be up to date on their vaccines.  During their stay with us we try to keep the experience as close as possible to their home routine; in terms of how they sleep, crated or not, their feeding schedule, bathroom habits etc.   However, because they do come home with us, space is limited so try and book in advance of any planned vacation to rest assured we have a spot available.

My Petropolis
We offer private kitty rooms for your kitty’s stay with us.  Rest assured your feline friend will have an amazing stay, being able to have the room and luxury to lounge in a comfy bed or in a cat tree house, or have to option of running around and chasing some interactive cat toys!

My Petropolis Grooming
Our professional groomer is experienced, certified and trained in breed standards and can accommodate any grooming request.  We use a variety of specialty shampoos and conditioners, from hypoallergenic to grimeinators that will leave your pets coat luxurious and clean.

Grooming includes a bubble bath, dematting (if needed), anal gland expression externally (if needed we do have a veterinarian technician on site to express the anal glands internally for an additional cost), nail trim, ear cleaning, blow out and trimming of the coat.

Upon admission of your pet a grooming wavier must be signed, and proof of vaccines must be presented!

Day Care – Dogs

$26/Half Day*
(up to 5 hours)

5 visit package $120 ($24/day)
10 visit package $220 ($22/day)
20 visit package $420 ($21/day)

Day Care – Dogs

$36/Full Day**
(7:30 am – 7:00 pm)

5 visit package $160 ($32/day)
10 visit package $300 ($30/day)
20 visit package $560 ($28/day)

Day Care – Cats

$15/Half Day
(up to 5 hours)

Day Care – Cats

$20/Full Day
(7:30 am – 7:00 pm)

5 visit package $65($13/day)
10 visit package $120 ($12/day)
20 visit package $200 ($10/day)

*Day Care with Grooming ½ Day $15
**Day Care with Grooming Full Day $26

Boarding – Dogs

Small Breeds***

1 to 7 nights $45/night
7 to 14 nights $40
14+ nights $35/night

Boarding – Dogs

Large Breeds***

1 to 7 nights $55/night
7 to 14 nights $50
14+ nights $45/night

Boarding – Cats

Regardless of length of stay

Holiday surcharge $7

Pet Sitting

$35/1 to 3 Days

$30/3+ Days

Holiday surcharge $7

***Additional Dogs per Family is $26/night

Dog Walking

Private Walk $25/½ Hour
Trip to Leash Free Park $30/1 Hour
Pee Break $15
Weekend Surcharge $7
After hours $7


$45+ Groomer to quote per individual dog
Face Trim $15
Nail Trim $10
Bath with Day Care Stay $15
Anal Gland Expression (External) $15

Technical Services

Nail Trim $15
Anal Gland Expression (internal) $3
Ear Cleaning $24
Medication Administration Per Day
Oral $4 – Injections $15
Long Weekend and Holiday Surcharge $7


Come in to see prices


Call to inquire about details

Doggie Taxi

Within a 5 km radius

One Way $11
Round Trip $19